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Max Anderson

Max Anderson
3D Specialist

Max Anderson is from Texas. He has a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, where he focused on performance studies, digital fabrication, and painting. At the DPO, Max is mostly concerned with consolidating raw data in to finished 3D models, and web-based applications. He lives in Baltimore, where he makes analog electronic instruments and tries to do things with words.

Bell X-1 in 3D

Thu, 06/18/2015 - 12:52 -- sysadmin
The National Air and Space Museum
Bell X-1 in 3D

In April, the Smithsonian X 3D team pointed their lasers and scanners at the Bell X-1, the same iconic aircraft that shot Capt. Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager across the pristine skies of the Mojave Desert to a record-breaking speed. On October 14, 1947, in the Bell X-1, Yeager became the first pilot to fly faster than sound. Now, we can all get as close to the Bell X-1 as Yeager himself with the recently released 3D tour of the exterior of the aircraft.


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