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Jon Blundell

3D Program Officer

A Maryland native, Jon Blundell is currently living out the assumption he made at the age of 6, that he would either be working at the Smithsonian, or become an astronaut. He chose the shorter commute. The intervening years he spent going to school, working in the historic preservation trades, and participating in DC’s punk scene. At the DPO Jon spends his time producing 3D scanned models of Smithsonian objects to support conservation and research, and most importantly increase public access to the Smithsonian’s collections. Having grown up with the Smithsonian a Metro ride away, he is pleased to be part of the effort to share the institution’s vast collection with the world. When he’s not uploading the Smithsonian’s collection to the Matrix he can be found dabbling in math, playing tabletop games, and climbing fake rocks.

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