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2018 DPO Speaking Engagements


Born to Be 3D: Digital Stewardship of Intrinsic 3D Data

November 2

"Smithsonian Open Source 3D Pipeline" by Jon Blundell and Vince Rossi

Slides available here

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EuroMed 2018

October 29 - November 3

“Superheroes, Spacesuits, and Sculpture:  Digitizing Smithsonian Collections at Scale for Impact and Engagement” by Diane M. Zorich

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October 10-12, 2018

"Smithsonian Open Source 3D Pipeline" by Vince Rossi

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MCN 2018

Humanizing the Digital, November 13-16, 2018

"The Smithsonian's new open source 3D pipeline and 3D viewer!" by Vince Rossi & Ralph Wiedemeier

The Smithsonian is developing a suite of open source tools to produce, manage, and deliver 3D assets from the Institution’s collections at an ambitious scale. The beta versions of these tools are being released to the GLAM community as an open source project...


SPNHC+TDWG 2018 Conference

Collections and Data in an Uncertain World, August 23-21, 2018

"Managing 3D Collections Data: Developing Systems and Metadata for 3D Digitization at Scale" by Jonathan Blundell


As 3D digitization becomes more common in collections documentation and research, there is a growing need for tools which address the special needs of 3D data stewardship. Systems are needed to manage both the scan data collected during digitization activities, as well as the 3D models generated from that data. These systems...

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Smithsonian National Collections Program

Collections Collaboration Community (C3) Brown Bag

"Developing Systems for 3D Digitization at Scale: Capture Systems & Infrastructure at SI" by Jonathan Blundell

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Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation

Forum 1, February 5-6, 2018

"Building Metadata for 3D Capture Workflows" by Jonathan Blundell


Examples of topics of interest- Why do we need metadata standards development? How are standards developed? Given the lack of agreed upon standards for 3D data, what solutions are institutions currently using? What are users’ needs regarding metadata? Who are the targeted users? What constitutes the minimal metadata for inclusion in a repository? How can linked metadata be developed for improved workflows. What would be required for data clean up or migration for previously unstandardized data?