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2014 Museum Surrogate Assessment

Digitization Policy & Planning

By Jessica Warner Beauchamp, DPO on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 14:02

The Smithsonian Institution's Digitization Program Office (DPO) establishes metrics which track digitization progress across the Smithsonian, and implements policy for the creation, management and oversight of millions of Smithsonian digital assets.  The Smithsonian’s digitization strategic plan, as well as policies that govern digitization and digital access and use, provide the framework for the activities of the DPO.

We work closely with Smithsonian museum, archive, library, and research staff to support the development of digital asset management and digitization strategic plans that document priorities for digitizing the collections, delineate staff roles and responsibilities, ensure thoughtful stewardship of digital assets, and define long-term management to enable preservation of and access to those assets well into the future.

We are guided in these effort by the contributions of an internal advisory committee and several working groups that together tackle the different aspects of digitizing one of the largest and most varied collections in the world.

Externally, DPO monitors digitization and access policies of the U.S. federal government and works within the Smithsonian to help promote awareness of these policies.