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Diane Zorich

Director, Digitization Program Office

As Director of the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office (DPO), Diane Zorich leads an expert team in digitizing Smithsonian collections to maximize their impact for the public. She oversees mass digitization, 3D digitization, and assessment activities that develop and improve digitization processes across the Institution. Before joining the Smithsonian, she was a consultant with over two decades of experience in information management, digitization, and digital policy in cultural organizations. She has graduate degrees in anthropology and museum studies, and hails from Chicago (with stops along the way in New York City, Boston, San Diego, and Princeton.)  She inherited the flamingos from her predecessor, who inherited them from another Smithsonian staffer. And thus a tradition is born...

Nathan Ian Anderson

Imaging Services Senior Program Officer

A graduate from Parsons School of Design in NYC, Photographer and project manager Nathan Anderson comes to the Smithsonian Institution with over twenty years of experience as an image specialist. Responsible for overseeing the digitization of roughly over 500,000 objects within his first two years at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the National Museum of Natural History he is no stranger to working with our varied collections, from a rare Tiffany vase to a 30 million year old fossilized specimen. He is also adept at creating and documenting detailed imaging and virtual workflows, particularly highly complex IT relationships within Smithsonian infrastructure. A professional fine art photographer in his spare time, Nathan has been working on a project related to the coastline of his birthplace on Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Jon Blundell

3D Program Officer

A Maryland native, Jon Blundell is currently living out the assumption he made at the age of 6, that he would either be working at the Smithsonian, or become an astronaut. He chose the shorter commute. Coming from the world of the preservation trades, Jon found himself at the DPO in 2012 were he focuses on the technical challenges of the department; developing workflows and IT infrastructure to support 3D capture, processing, data management, and delivery to the public. When he’s not uploading the Smithsonian’s collection to the Matrix he can be found playing pinball and tabletop games.

Jamie Cope

3D Program Lead Developer

Jamie Cope is a computer engineer by trade and entrepreneur at heart with more than 15 years of experience employing skills in usability, data visualization, AR/VR, and simulation across diverse fields such as medicine, biology, education and training, and entertainment. He has developed 3D data pipelines for large-scale model sets and several custom systems for cleaning, storing, and analyzing user-generated data. He is passionate about user-centered design to solve real-world impactful problems. Jamie is the lead developer for the Smithsonian's Digitization Program Office 3D Program.

Megan Dattoria

3D Project Manager

Borne of polygons and fire, Meg joined the Smithsonian with a background in 3D modeling and traditional metalsmithing. After receiving her degree in Interdisciplinary Object Design from Towson University in 2012, she started with Smithsonian Exhibits (formerly the Office of Exhibits Central) making models and artifact mounts for exhibits. In 2015, Meg followed her passion for digital and joined the DPO's 3D team. Since then, she finds fulfillment digitizing the Smithsonian’s collections and forcing people to look at pictures of her tiny dog and 6 chickens.

Sara Goodhand

Informatics Program Officer

Sara joined the Digitization Program Office in May 2022 to support the Informatics projects. Many years ago, Sara found her passion for museums and libraries while volunteering with multiple local historical societies and museums. After receiving her degree in Public History from Stevenson University, she began a career in libraries and technology serving the U.S. Department of State. In her spare time she stays active and likes to explore and learn new technical skills while she continues to volunteer with local museums and education charities.

Jeanine Nault

Mass Digitization Senior Program Officer

Jeanine Nault's career in cultural heritage digitization started serendipitously when her work-study job in college had her scanning barcodes and packing boxes in the Digital Conversion Unit for the University of Michigan libraries. While there, she received her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and English literature, and went on to receive a graduate degree in Museum Studies at the George Washington University here in DC. Since then, she has worked in and managed the digitization program at the National Anthropological Archives (NMNH), as well as the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. Jeanine believes that increased access to collections allows for richer and more fully realized representations of cultures and ecologies around the world.

Jaap Otte

Senior Development Officer – Corporate

Jaap Otte assists the Digitization Program Office with developing corporate partnerships and collaborations and has done so at various parts of the Smithsonian for the last decade. Jaap strongly believes that the Smithsonian and corporations have much to offer each other and enjoys developing deep and long-lasting relations for the Smithsonian as a global leader in digitization. Jaap has an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and a joint degree in law and public administration from Leiden University in The Netherlands. A native of The Netherlands, Jaap has lived in the US since 2005. When not at work, Jaap enjoys travel, collecting ceramics and life in general.

Anaís Perez

3D Specialist

After receiving their degree in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019, Anaís joined the 3D team to assist with 3D processing and data management. When not at the Smithsonian they enjoy cooking for friends at home and spending time in their studio where they create animations.

Ken Rahaim

Collections Digitization Manager

Ken's work history in cultural heritage photography, enterprise digital asset management and enterprise level IT solutions have intersected perfectly for his role as the Smithsonian's Mass Digitization Branch Manager. Ken supports the Smithsonian's Digitization Program Office's goal of creating a vibrant digitization culture at the Smithsonian, and focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of Smithsonian digital assets by supporting digitization projects, providing technical expertise to the units, leveraging internal and external collaborations, and promoting expertise in mass digitization and workflows.

Vincent Rossi

Supervisor, 3D Program

Vincent Rossi hails from the great state of New Jersey. He has a BFA in sculpture from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Graduate level fine art study at Goldsmiths College/University of London, England. In London from 2002-03, Vince made a name for himself working as a sculptor for a special effects company where he created props and costumes for The Royal Opera House, The English National Opera, The Glyndebourne Festival Opera, The English National Ballet, and The Royal Shakespeare Company. From 2004 to 2011, he worked as a sculptor, model maker, and project manager for the Smithsonian's Office of Exhibit Central.  Vince produced and managed many Smithsonian exhibits and through successful funding proposals and grants integrated 3D imaging tools and techniques into Smithsonian Exhibit design and fabrication. From 2011 to May 2018, Vince worked as a Senior 3D Program Officer for the Smithsonian's Digitization Program Office (DPO) building 3D capacity and developing 3D workflows. Notable projects included 3D scanning President Barack Obama, the Apollo 11 Command Module, and the Nation’s T. rex.  In May 2018, Vince became the DPO’s 3D Program Supervisor.  He is currently working on an open source suite of tools that provide durability for 3D data, 3D data standards, automated capture and processing tools, 3D authoring tools, a Smithsonian 3D API, and webGL viewer. Vince is the co-author of 6 research papers, ORCiD:

Luis J. Villanueva

Informatics Senior Program Officer

Luis joined the DPO in April 2018 to help enrich item-level records across all units of the Smithsonian. During his academic career, which went from searching for tropical frogs in Puerto Rico to listening to temperate and tropical soundscapes, he studied the way data and databases are used to analyze biological systems. Luis developed software packages to allow other researchers to analyze audio files as part of his PhD work at Purdue. From there, he managed and expanded a large spatial database of biodiversity information at Yale that was built from a variety of sources. Luis is now seeking to expand the tools and resources available for the collections to improve the data available on a massive scale.

Jessica Warner

Senior Policy & Analysis Program Officer

Jessica Warner joined the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office (DPO) in 2009. Jessica works closely with Smithsonian staff to report annually on progress being made to digitize the Smithsonian's vast museum, archive and library holdings. Jessica manages the triennial report on unit digitization plans as well as unit data management plans to care for digital assets so they will be accessible well into the future. Jessica coordinates and oversees a variety of committee meetings and DPO-sponsored events, such as the biennial Smithsonian Digitization Conference and the new Digital Foundations webinar series for SI staff. Jessica received her BA in Cultural Anthropology from Wellesley College, and earned a Masters in Library and Information Science from Catholic University of America. Born and raised in rural New England, Jessica now enjoys big city living in the heart of Washington, DC.